Liberty Nation’s Managing Editor Mark Angelides and correspondent Laura Valkovic are on the scene in Trafalgar Square for the FREE Tommy Robinson rally where tens of thousands are protesting. They are reporting that the authorities in Great Britain are jamming the signal in order to suppress media coverage of the event:

markangelides [10:12 AM]

Complete internet shut out. People having to leave area to upload.

Robinson was arrested, tried, found guilty and incarcerated all within a four-hour period a few weeks ago. His goal is to bring attention to the Muslim “grooming gangs” in the U.K. that have been preying on young British school girls.

Unlike the U.S., the government there has clamped down on freedom of the press, so this is not entirely surprising.

As such Liberty Nation has produced a Special Edition today. We will have live reports from Trafalgar Square (if we can get through the information black out) throughout the day. Here are some related stories:

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LIVE: Tommy Robinson Protest Rocks UK



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