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Democrats in 2020: Grievance on Parade – LN Radio Videocast

Listening to Democrats on their virtual stage, you would think we were living in one of those s---hole countries.

Doom, gloom, fear, misery, sickness, death, racism, misogyny, xenophobia, victimization, grievance. That’s about the sum total of the Democrats’ message to America over the four nights of their convention, that if they don’t replace the evil bad guy Donald Trump with the virtuous good guy Joe Biden, America is sunk forever. We’re joined by LibertyNation.com Political Columnist Joe Schaeffer to consider the aftermath of the Democrats’ four days on the stagehow it will affect or alter the presidential race, if at all, and try and figure out how Donald Trump and the Republicans plan to respond in their own convention over this next week. Plus, LN Legal Affairs Editor Scott Cosenza jumps on board for talkin’ liberty – Robert Kraft scores big victory in court, the California firearm magazine ban is ruled unconstitutional, and another abusive cop gets immunity.


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