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Democrats Defund, Criminals Cheer

There’s never been a better time to be a lawbreaker.

Maybe for the criminals, this feels like it did for Henry Fonda when he finally won an Oscar after 43 years of excellence on the big screen. Or like Red Sox fans after double that time – 86 years – when the Curse of the Bambino was finally lifted with a World Series title. Or more precisely, maybe it resembles how the residents of East Germany felt the night the Berlin Wall came crashing down after decades of humiliation and degradation under the jackboot of communism.

Liberated. Finally!

With leftists far and wide seeming to break new ground every week with their radical proposals which would tear down long-standing institutions – this time in memory of George Floyd – they are now calling for the defunding, i.e. elimination, of police departments across the nation, starting with Minneapolis.

And so, the criminal sector of our society is now preparing to receive a gift they could never have hoped for in their wildest dreams. It’s a gift that will keep on giving due to the striking generosity of the Democratic Party toward this key voting bloc.

The left has done this while, in typical one-step fashion, obviously not even considering the immediate, disastrous consequences of their scorched-earth proposals.

But you can bet the criminals have. And no doubt they are liking what they see. Hey, criminals are people too. They have needs. They desire the best possible working conditions like the rest of us. Who would not want a workplace free of the stress of oversight?

John Lennon asked us to imagine there’s no heaven. For the criminals, they imagine no hall monitors. Now, thanks to a political party given over to defining deviancy down to the nub, the world can finally be their oyster.

But what to make of the protesters deemed virtuous by our betters at CNN, The New York Times, and the rest of the Trump-deranged media? They elevate Black Lives Matter to full legitimacy, empowering the type of unspeakably pathetic scene too many of us witnessed last week: the intimidation of young, guilt-ridden snowflakes undoubtedly indoctrinated by an education system teaching them to despise their heritage. BLM thugs forced them to their knees and ordered them, with the camera rolling like in hostage videos, to apologize for their white privilege. And some actually did!

Add the legitimization of this behavior to support for unfiltered deviancy and the left’s classic single-step thinking (bad cops? Just get rid of cops) and voila, no more of those pesky police to round up the bad guys. It’s the perfect storm for the upwardly mobile criminal set.

Just how spectacularly naive must one be to believe the predators will respect the “community safety” protocols purporting to replace law enforcement? How hot will their knife be when it cuts through that soft butter?

Surely the byproducts of those “community investments” proposed by no less than the mayor of the nation’s greatest city, Bill de Blasio, to replace the men and women in blue will deter the deviants from their appointed rounds. No doubt it will prevent the stampede of people preparing to abandon the city for good after a double death-blow, the fatal mismanagement of both the lockdown and rampant violence in the streets. Right.

Sure, the nihilists have not succeeded in actually sweeping the cops off the streets quite yet – their movement has just begun – but they have now revealed their hole card. The entire nation now knows the agenda they’ve been advancing all along. They have been the biblical lions, driven by evil, roaring about looking for prey to devour. And in the wake of the George Floyd episode, that prey is squarely in their crosshairs.

Six cops have been murdered in the post-Floyd violence. Another 50 were injured amid the much-ballyhooed “peaceful protests” in DC while the media obsessed over a Trump photo-op. This, while ignoring a threat level serious and imminent enough for the secret service to implore Trump to seek shelter in the White House bunker. And beyond the people’s house, damage to business owners and property in urban America has been almost incalculable. Target acquired. Target hit.

The exploitation of a tragedy that outraged the entire nation, and that this level of criminal activity was perpetrated on top of the widely debilitating three-month-long COVID lockdown, leads to only one possible conclusion: These people are the worst kind of criminals, sociopaths who must be shown no mercy lest we encourage them to continue. But the progressives say their violence is “understandable,” as if the cretins burning down the nation are part of their very movement. Talk about the early rumblings of a landslide defeat on November 3.

Trump will challenge Joe Biden: Who do you stand with, those who want to stop the violence or those who want to terminate the police? Biden insisted in recent days that he does not want to defund, but rest assured that he will come under increasing pressure from the radicals now controlling the agenda in his party. And Biden has repeatedly demonstrated that his default position on most issues is bowing to the extremists with the loudest voices, if hardly the largest constituencies.

On the other hand, perhaps the criminals are actually serving as Trump’s own useful idiots. I mean, what better issue for Trump to contrast himself with Biden than the frightening disorder perpetrated by the very criminals Democrats seek to appease? He could hardly have produced a more effective wedge issue with an election dead ahead.

And speaking of useful idiots, they are not limited to one party. A who’s who list of Swamp Republicans who have hated Trump forever are now doubling down on spurning a sitting president supported by more than 90% of their own party. They believe they are hurting Trump, when in fact the exact opposite is true: this president was sent to Washington to remove the increasingly rancid stench of the political establishment – of both parties. So while Mitt Romney, Colin Powell, James Mattis, John Kelly and a tiny band of self-important, discredited, and irrelevant Swamp creatures apparently plan to vote for Biden – or at least not for Trump – they are equally guilty of one-step thinking: Orange man threatens our control of the party – not even realizing that ship long since sailed anyway – so vote against him. Never mind that the people you are effectively endorsing are nihilists bent on destroying the very foundations of the system you defended and fought for your entire lives.

So the radicals – with the aid and comfort of useful idiots – have kept hope alive for the deviant demographic in our midst. The criminals are now fully empowered by no less than the tacit if not explicit endorsement of one of the two major political parties in the United States of America. Life is good for the worst among us, and with the undying support of progressives and their agents in the elite media, it could get even better come November 3.


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