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Democrats Caught in Voter Suppression Scheme

Would-be Green Party voters in Montana shut out by nervous Democrats

Oh, no, they didn’t. They couldn’t have. But they did. The cheating in election 2020 is off to a disturbing start as Montana Democrats succeed in kicking the Green Party off the state ballot. The Democrats used a page out of the Lie, Cheat, and Steal 2016 playbook and convinced 500 petition signatories to recant their signatures by telling them Republicans had backed the petition. So, the Republicans may have helped the democratic process, and it angered Democrats? Irony.

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”I’m only mildly surprised at this extreme effort by Democrats to be undemocratic.”[/perfectpullquote]The damage was enough to kick the Green Party to the curb after falling short of the needed signatures, so deemed by the Montana Supreme Court. In political battles, challenging signatures is a tedious tactic that works more often than the general public knows – low-hanging, court-approved fruits that all political candidates and party volunteers at least ponder now and again.

But the signatures in question are valid voters that exercised their right and signed for the Green Party to be a part of the electoral process. Democrats went all sneaky and subversive. According to Green Party volunteers, threatening language, repeat calls to voters, and multiple letters to constituents spooked petitions signers. One campaign worker told Fox News:

“Democratic Party had called most of them about 15 to 25 times to badger them to do a withdraw. One elderly couple told me that they just didn’t feel comfortable saying ‘no’ after the 20th call they received. The Democratic Party even had a third-party notary come to their house to take their withdrawal; I think that scared some people, too – they think, ‘now they know where we live.'”

National Green Party communications manager Michael O’Neil released a curt statement that read in part: “Our candidates have faced that kind of political bigotry for decades but employing it against regular citizens on this scale marks a new, shameful low.”

While Green Party candidate Gary Marbut, for the Montana state Senate, wondered what took Democrats so long: “I’m only mildly surprised at this extreme effort by Democrats to be undemocratic.”

Oh, the Lengths to Which They Will Go

Montana: a state filled with cows, horses, majestic scenery, and wide-open spaces. Plenty of room for the Green Party to stretch ideas and policy issues. What has Democrats so paranoid as to suppress the vote and will of the people? It’s all about wresting power away from Republicans in the U.S. Senate.

Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) and Governor Steve Bullock, a Democrat, have locked horns in a very tight race for the U.S. Senate. And little ole’ Montana could be the race that upsets the balance of power. Green Party voters would likely take away a Bullock vote while Daines’ would remain steady.

O’Neill is not naïve of the cut-throat battle tactics that the two major political party’s employ with the attitude of ends justifying the means. But he also pointed out the obvious:

“They believe it undermines their counterpart within the two-party cartel. The Green Party rejects the idea of any candidate ‘taking away the vote’ of another candidate. Votes belong to the voters until the moment they are cast. Candidates must earn those votes.”

Indeed, a candidate must earn each individual vote. A concept that Democrats cannot fathom as they live and die by identity politics.

Do The Right Thing, Montana

Regardless of which party may have indirectly assisted financially in helping the Green Party get on the ballot is irrelevant. The ballot was certified. The signatures valid until the relentless attacks, threats, and intimidation on voters committed by the Montana State Democratic Party scared folks into recanting. This type of repression against electorate choice is unacceptable in America. If Democrats can pull the legitimate Green Party line up in Montana, imagine what they will do to suppress conservative votes over the next several weeks.


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