Editor’s Note: This is part two of a three-part series on the Culture Wars.

Fortunately, the left is still making many of the same mistakes that cost them power. They are learning — but slowly.

Leftist agitators continue to use violence to keep conservatives from expressing their points of view. Recently, they prevented conservative author Ann Coulter from speaking at UC Berkeley with threats of violence. Leftist activists shut down Milo Yiannopoulos’ planned speech at the same college. In New York, comedian Gavin McIness was scheduled to give a presentation at a university. Leftist protesters physically attacked McIness and his supporters. Not surprisingly, prominent liberals were silent on the issue. As long as the left embraces violence, conservatives will remain more attractive to middle-of-the-road Americans. Nobody wants to join a party that threatens to physically harm them if they don’t acquiesce to their demands.

Despite the protests of well-known liberals such as Bill Maher, the left won’t let go their strategy of smearing conservatives as bigots. They are still pushing the lie that their opponents are people who hate everyone except white conservative Christians. In the previous piece in this series, Liberty Nation discussed a deceptive poll by The Washington Post. This survey was designed to conclude that Trump voters are racists. However, this is not the only example of the left using “bigotry-baiting” as a tactic.

Social justice warriors have also used social media to perpetuate the myth that all white people are racist – even the ones who agree with the leftist narrative. In March, they shared a list that gave white people ten ways to reject their privilege. The items on this list repeated many of the same tenets pervasive in the cultural left. The last point on this list is the most telling: “recognize that you’re still racist, no matter what.” This line exposes their intent to use bigotry as a weapon to discredit anyone who disagrees with their point of view. The idea that all white people are racist no matter what they do is a notion that will keep creating more Republicans – but only if we continually expose it.

Although the left is still making some of the same mistakes that caused them to lose power, we cannot ignore the fact that they are starting to use strategies that could prove effective. As a matter of fact, if conservatives want to retain their position, they should take note of these tactics and use them more efficiently.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a left-wing activist group now using these new strategies. In the past, the anti-police organization engaged in violent protests and riots to draw more attention to their cause. After seeing that riots and physical attacks do not work, they are now turning to local politics. This pivot is a smart move on their part. While most of us pay more attention to national elections, the mayor of our city is more likely to have an impact on our everyday lives than the president. BLM realized that if they want to enact legislation that hampers the efforts of law enforcement, they must encourage their followers to influence their city and state governments. Liberty Nation has weighed in on this issue:

This pivot could push them closer to realizing their goals. When they engaged in protests and riots, the American public saw them for what they were: a violently anti-police organization. It was this type of behavior that helped conservatives win the election. However, if they are serious about organizing locally – and every indication says that they are – they will be able to gain more influence.

If BLM finds any amount of success with this new approach, other leftist groups are sure to follow. Conservatives cannot afford to ignore this reality. If we are to prevent the left from regaining their hold on our society, we need to be willing to fight them at the local level.

In the previous piece in this series, I mentioned the left’s disdain for free speech. Attacks on the first amendment have been one of their greatest mistakes. However, they have not yet given up on squashing ideas contrary to their own. Instead, they are coming up with other ways to prevent conservatives from expressing their views. Rather than allowing the free flow of ideas, the left is trying to silence conservative voices wherever they can. Their attempts to keep conservatives from speaking on college campuses have largely backfired. However, there is another way they are trying to marginalize conservative viewpoints: social media.

The major social media companies – including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube – are owned and run by leftists. Both Facebook and Twitter have come under fire for marginalizing conservative opinions. Twitter has deactivated the accounts of users who espouse conservative points of view. Former employees of Facebook have publicly stated that the company regularly singled out conservative posts for censorship.

These companies are well within their legal rights to censor any types of content they wish; they are private corporations. However, both Twitter and Facebook have claimed that they do not discriminate between conservative and liberal posts – and they are lying. In reality, both of these social media platforms make sure that liberal points of view are featured more prominently than conservative opinions. Although this approach is not right, it is both legal and efficient. Most people do not take the time to analyze social media posts; eighty percent of users do not even read past the headline.

YouTube is another company that attempts to silence conservative voices. They do so by demonetizing videos that espouse traditional values. Conservatives who use the video platform to express right-wing views are not able to earn money from the content they publish. Of course, the Google-owned company does not treat liberal users in the same fashion. The organization has a clear objective: minimize conservative content while promoting left-leaning videos. Comedian Steven Crowder and talk show host Dennis Prager have both become prominent targets of YouTube’s efforts to squelch right-wing points of view. Naturally, these actions are intended to make it more difficult for conservatives to continue to produce content by making it harder for them to fund their efforts.

While the left is still making the same mistakes that led them to their current downfall, they are beginning to use tactics that could actually work. In light of this, conservatives cannot afford to let up. As the left strives to regain influence, people on the right must develop strategies that enable us to capitalize on the left’s weaknesses. If we want to seize and secure more territory in the war for our culture, we must diligently expose the many flaws of the left’s principles while effectively advancing the cause of conservatism.

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