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Conservative Sunday Digest – Editorial Picks

Liberty Nation presents our selection of the best stories this week.

Liberty Nation presents our selection of the best stories this week. Some may be articles, others may be podcasts, videos, or radio broadcasts, but each has been chosen for its quality and scope.

The editorial team at LN hopes you can use this weekly post to catch up on stories that you might have missed. Let us know in the comments section which is your favorite.

#1 Biden: The Dems’ Front Runner Problem Child

By Graham J. Noble

Joe Biden

Both Biden and his party have a choice to make, but there are downsides to every one.

The Democratic Party has one overriding priority for the 2020 presidential election: to find a candidate who can unseat President Donald Trump. It seems like an obvious statement, but the ability to defeat Trump is more important for Democrats than the campaign platform and a candidate’s likability and experience. The party knows this will not be an easy task – after all, in 2016, the assumption was that Trump would never beat Hillary Clinton.

Democrats know they cannot afford to make that mistake again, but they have a problem: All 15 of the declared Democratic presidential candidates – as of April 1 – are trailing one man in the polls. That man is former Vice President Joe Biden, and he has yet to make an official announcement. Worse still, Biden is the most problematic candidate for Democrats. Read More.

#2 Why Dems Won’t Let Go of the Collusion Delusion

By Tim Donner

Hatred of Trump may not be a sufficient platform for Dems to trounce the president in 2020.

There may be some of you who read the headline above and say the answer to why Democrats persist with discredited allegations against President Trump is obvious: They hate him with every fiber of their being, consider his election illegitimate, and believe he represents a clear and present danger to our constitutional republic.

But it actually goes way beyond that.

The bottom line of the Dems’ refusal to let go of the Mueller report and its disastrous implications for them and their handmaidens in the elite media is not their unbridled hatred for the 45th president. It is their realization that they cannot beat him on the issues. Thus, their only path to victory must be a drumbeat of scurrilous allegations, throwing enough dirt against the wall and hoping something, anything, will stick. Read More.

#3 Pope’s Moroccan Adventure Goes Off Script(ure)

By Leesa K. Donner

Francis leaves a theological tsunami in his wake.

Disturbing remarks from Pope Francis appear to be in direct opposition to the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. While in Morocco recently, the leader of the Roman Catholic church departed from Scripture by telling believers in Rabat not to evangelize.

Of course, it’s easy to make headlines when you are the religious leader of millions worldwide, but this Pope has a way of making a mess of things in a hurry and leaving a theological tsunami in his wake.

Stop the Great Commission

There is a section in the Bible known as the Great Commission. It is the last recorded personal directive that Jesus made to his followers on earth.  Matthew 28:18-20 reads: Read More.

#4 Poll: America Agrees with Trump – The Fix Was In

By Jeff Charles

Has Trump just been given his secret weapon for 2020?

William Barr

When Attorney General William Barr released his summary of Robert Mueller’s findings on the Russia collusion investigation, the progressive media rushed to spin the findings. While there is little doubt the report has caused a nearly fatal blow to the Russiagate narrative, the left is working overtime to salvage their primary weapon against President Trump. According to a recent CBS News poll, their efforts are failing. Attitudes about the Russia probe changed drastically after the release of the summary, and it is doubtful the actual report – which is supposed to be made public by mid-April – will empower the left to continue perpetuating their favorite conspiracy theory.

America’s Attitude on Russia Investigation

CBS’s survey analyzed public opinion on the results of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. The results showed 38% of respondents felt the Democrats should continue investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. Among Democrats, 66% believed the probe should continue, while only 10% of Republicans and 35% of independents agreed. Read More.

#5 Chicago: Smollett Case Rots From the Foxx Down

By Scott D. Cosenza

Jussie Smollett and Kim Foxx are both liars.

Kim Foxx

Kim Foxx and Jussie Smollett are both still lying about what happened in Chicago. Smollett got off because of celebrity and the access that gave him to the top rungs of the Democrat Party. The reality of that has sunk in, forcing anyone who defends Smollett to seem ignorant or foolish. Foxx, however, is benefitting from the confusion she sowed over her role in the case and her continued misstatements.  To be clear, she is now lying, and has from the beginning lied, about what she and her office did to pervert justice in service of helping Smollett beat the wrap.

The heart is warmed by comedian Chris Rock’s performance at the NAACP Image Awards the other evening. The host of that program, Anthony Anderson, told Variety several days before the show: Read More.

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