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Clinton’s Facebook Conspiracy Theory

Hillary reveals evidence that Facebook now kowtows to conservatives.

The woman who claims to be a “problem solver” in the Hulu documentary Hillary hasn’t quite resolved her tragic loss to the bombastic billionaire in the 2016 “the fix is in” presidential election. After  proclaiming a myriad of excuses and airing her wounded pride in the New York Times best-selling book What Happened, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton now points a manicured finger of blame at the conservative takeover of social media for the embarrassing, unthinkable, and clearly unmanageable loss.

What? Back up a minute. Conservatives rule social media? Yep, Mrs. Clinton said that and more. In an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, Clinton was queried about a recent story by left-wing news organization Vox that said the most Facebook interactions on March 3 Super Tuesday were about 33,000 missing emails and Hillary’s use of a private server while she was in office as Obama’s secretary of state.

Well, that put the light in her baby blues, and she responded: “Fox and the sort of right-wing echo chamber has mastered Facebook, aided and abetted, might I say, from Facebook.”

That’s the same social media giant that Liberty Nation’s Jeff Charles recently reported on:

“Facebook recently announced their partnership with the Atlantic Council – which is partly funded by tax dollars – to ensure that users are presented with quality news stories. And by ‘quality,’ it seems that they mean ‘progressive.’ The council is well known for promoting far-left news sources, including the Xinhua News Agency, which was founded by the Communist Party of China. Well, that’s reassuring. What red-blooded American capitalist doesn’t want to get the news from a communist regime?”

Does that sound like a “right-wing echo chamber”?

In the real world, the uber-popular topic on Super Tuesday was a judge granting a request from Judicial Watch for Clinton to be deposed over her State Department emails. Zakaria and Vox, of course, didn’t mention that part, but, then again, this is opinion-versus-news facts in action.

Living Rent Free

Hillary claims to live “rent-free” in the minds of the current president and a plethora of other folks who want to see her face the music – whatever that may be.

But this woman is no slouch. She is spirited (some may call it hot-tempered), a brilliant legal mind, and a heck of a scary opponent. She also may be the most unlikable presidential candidate America has ever witnessed. Add to the unflattering characteristics Hillary’s perennial embrace of the eye-rolling, tired strategy of squawking “vast right-wing conspiracy” (VRWC) one too many times.

For instance, President Bill Clinton’s dalliance with intern Monica Lewinsky was a VRWC. Of course, Hillary hinted at her concerns that Bill may have been coloring outside the lines, but still. Gennifer Flowers: VRWC. Benghazi: a video by the VRWC. The Clintons believe they are the most persecuted – and innocent – couple the world has ever met. And together they bonded to handle the VRWC fallout.

But eventually, crying wolf one too many times reflects poorly on the crier, which can result in folks thinking you are a bald-faced liar or delusional. Pick one, and you may agree with the 63 million people who voted for Trump in 2016.

The Blame Game Does Not Come With a Mirror

As Hillary enlightened the seven or eight viewers on CNN, “They know how to deliver those stories through the algorithms into the feeds of millions and millions of people.”

It is entirely possible: Facebook is packed with the brainiacs of our time.

But it is not so much plausible. Could it instead be that a serious segment of the electorate can’t abide Hillary and wants to warn others not to forget the woman’s transgressions? She has called Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg an “authoritarian.” I doubt he cares. Perhaps all those algorithms arrayed against her were triggered by a judge okaying a Hillary deposition, the not-so-praiseworthy Hillary stories popping up in the news cycle in the wake of that decision, and, simply, Hillary being unlikable. But that would be a conspiracy theory.


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