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100 Days of Liberty Nation

The first hundred days for President Donald Trump are identical to the first hundred days of this website, aptly and assiduously named Liberty Nation. So, to paraphrase the late Admiral James Stockdale when tapped as the Vice-Presidential running mate to Ross Perot: Who are we? Why are we here?

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100 Days: A Bigly Satire That’s Yuge

What did we learn in President Trump’s first 100 days? We learned a lot. We probably learned more than any other people who have ever learned. And we are going to keep learning. We might even learn so much that we will get tired of learning. We learned that there are now so many gender-identities to choose from that nobody knows what freakin’ bathroom to use, I can tell you.

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100 Days: How Have Individual Liberties Fared Under Trump?

Donald Trump has been a busy man during the first one hundred days of his presidency, but in regards to individual liberty, his accomplishments so far are a bit of a mixed bag. According to the White House, President Trump has signed twenty-eight bills, thirty executive orders, and thirteen Congressional Review Acts (CRAs). For the first one hundred days in office, that’s more legislation signed than any president since Truman, the most executive orders since FDR, and more CRAs than any other president in American history.

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100 Days: Trump’s Greatest Victory So Far – The Economy

The finance industry has a term called the 100-Day Moving Average which traders use to evaluate both individual stocks and the market as a whole. What is President’s Trumps 100-Day Moving Average when it comes to the economy? You can base this off emotion and headlines, or, like any trader worth their portfolio, you can base it off of data. When we look at the actual numbers, it is clear that President Trump has enjoyed a tremendously successful first hundred days in office.

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100 Days: The Surveillance State and Trump

Many people who were aghast at the idea of Hillary “Hack My Emails Please” Clinton in the Oval Office saw Donald Trump as the one who would preserve liberty. Trump himself claimed to value privacy, and took to Twitter to condemn the fact that his own affairs were spied on by the government before the election. But is he really in favor of the constitutional right to privacy, or is he furthering the surveillance state? And how have his actions as President in this first one hundred days lined up with his campaign promises on the privacy front?

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