Youth of all ethnicities are vital to the success of our beautiful country. No, this is not another far-left article advocating for open borders. Instead, it is a piece celebrating the diversity and teamwork displayed by this nation’s citizens. Some leftist scholars, however, believe collaboration perpetuates oppression, as they encourage minorities to persecute themselves with a victimhood mentality.

Maria Isabel Ayala, a sociology instructor at Michigan State University, recently conducted interviews to analyze the stances of 50 Hispanic students on academic achievement, as published in the Journal of Latinos and Education. The responses from the participants indicated that many believe they have autonomy over their lives to pursue personal and educational growth despite past obstacles.

One subject noted that every individual undergoes similar trials through life. She emphasized that she has deserved what she has gained as a result of dedication. Another participant felt disadvantaged, but said, “That is not a bad thing, I just have to work harder.”

Ayala states that many minorities fail to acknowledge that prejudice has hindered their academic success. She asserts that their beliefs that self-reliance and commitment to contribute to prosperity are a product of “color-blind racism.”

She goes on to blame their autonomy on the rejection of, “White privilege, a lack of awareness of institutional racism and its implications, as well as the rejection of social policies (e.g., affirmative action).” Frighteningly, Ayala received a $25,000 grant from the school to conduct the survey, as outlined in her curriculum vitae.

It seems this “researcher” is advocating for a victimhood mentality, which starkly contrasts with the current scientific literature on the characteristics responsible for fostering growth.

The Facts

According to scientists at the University of Cincinnati, growth mindsets significantly improve an individual ’s chance of success. Such a conviction is defined by how the brain adapts to promote hard work, commitment, and savvy strategizing. They also explained that perceiving struggles as temporary and overcoming them with dedication has contributed to educational attainment.

The method was tested by fostering in pupils this mode of thought and then giving them math instruction for 18 days; the scores of the pupils improved by an average of 50%.

Carol Dweck from Stanford University also notes that the road to success is paved by those who challenge themselves to grow despite previous experiences. Although many endure physically and psychologically distressing obstacles, striving for prosperity is a proven useful technique.

Many of those attending underfunded high schools in impoverished neighborhoods are Hispanic. As reported by LN, such campuses are often dangerously underfunded, negatively impacting the education of our country’s youth. In fact, numerous pupils are unable to graduate. Without a high school diploma or GED, teens are at an increased likelihood to live in poverty for the remainder of their lives. Furthermore, such communities are frequently home to high crime rates. Thus, children subjected to this environment may experience chronic extreme stress.

Constant exposure to extreme stress may result in long-term alterations in brain regions responsible for learning, memory, problem-solving and impulse control. It also raises cortisol levels, which may damage areas of the brain’s frontal cortex responsible for regulating emotions and memories.

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, note that damage to these areas may be the reason that those growing up in violent, impoverished neighborhoods are prone to developing drug addictions, learning disabilities and mental disorders, such as PTSD, psychosis, and antisocial personality disorder.

Not only may chronic extreme stress lead to learning difficulties and mental illness, but it is also linked to criminal behavior. LN has previously reported that twenty percent of inmates suffer from severe psychiatric conditions, especially antisocial personality disorder and psychosis.

It could reasonably be expected that educating these kids on the “growth mindset” would substantially increase their potential for progress, as expressed by those surveyed by Ayala.

Freedom of Expression?

Although all Americans are free to express their opinions, some views are nonetheless factually incorrect. Ayala’s encouragement of Latinos to invest in a victimhood mindset would cause significant regression and is nothing short of destructive. As a university professor, she is likely “educating” her class to carry similar perspectives and misconstruing data to promote a race-baiting agenda.

That is not to say that Ayala does not mean well by her actions. Likely, she is genuinely pursuing what she believes is accurate. However, ratings from those on Koofers, a site frequented by college-goers to investigate professors before signing up for their courses, awarded the lecturer two out of five stars. What were the complaints?

Assessments from 27 pupils mostly suggested that Ayala bases her exam questions on opinions rather than facts. Others say she boasts of having a Ph.D. each class, although she misinterprets data and graphs presented during the course.

These evaluations are highly concerning for both students and parents, as opinions from lecturers should not be taught as fact. The nation’s youth are forced by some in academia to complete exams in submission to the viewpoints of lecturers in order to receive adequate grades, stifling academic attainment. Are the actions of Ayala not oppressive?

As students of all backgrounds and colors continue to pursue the American dream, they must endure the victimhood mentality forced on them by the far-left. Hopefully, they will seek independence and devotion to truth rather than the regressive delusion of widespread racially motivated maltreatment.

What are the thoughts of our readers? Are self-reliance and hard work the basis of success, or does so-called white privilege irreversibly persecute the Latin American community?


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Gabi is a Biomedical Sciences major and manages a Cognitive Neuroscience Research Lab at the University of Central Florida. A Libertarian, Gabi says she’s surrounded on by “whiny, wannabe anti-capitalists, posting about their victimhood on Facebook.”Although leftists often confuse her with privileged white girls, Gabi is Puerto Rican and Italian.Make sense of that, liberals!



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