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Bill Gates Throws More Millions at Global Digital ID System

Systemic food and banking control to come, as well?

Another chunk of Bill Gates’ cash has again driven the spooky aspects of worldwide digital ID into the news cycle. The globalist multi-billionaire has an affinity for this particular cause every bit as radical as his well-known devotion to mass vaccination, reinventing food, and fighting so-called climate change.

“[T]he UK-based AI and data science research group Alan Turing Institute has become the recipient of a renewed grant, this time amounting to $4 million, given by the Gates Foundation,” online free speech advocacy group Reclaim the Net reported June 13.

As always, the Gates money machine is presenting its effort as a benign and wholly altruistic attempt to help the impoverished peoples of the world.

Operation Gates – We Have to Control You in Order to Help You

“In announcing the renewed grant, the Turing Institute made it clear that it considers implementing ‘ID services’ a positive direction, which according to the organization improves anything from inclusion, access to services and to human rights,” Reclaim the Net notes. “But apparently, some ‘tweaking’ around privacy and security (or at least ‘enhancing’ the perception of how they are handled in digital ID programs) – is needed. Hence, perhaps, the new initiative.”

Despite the array of dominant media and other information platforms at its disposal, this won’t be an easy spin. It’s difficult to blindly accept the consequences of an aggressive global push for digital ID when the forces doing the pushing themselves acknowledge the oppressive possibilities that come with erecting such a gargantuan monolith.

“Research scholar, Katelyn Cioffi, at the NYU School of Law’s Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, observed that the introduction of Digital Identity is affecting the political settlement or social contract between governments and their citizens,” the Turing Institute wrote in a December 2021 report titled “Architecting Our Future: Insights From the Inaugural Trustworthy Digital Identity Conference.”

“You can see in the case studies that the introduction of digital ID allows the government to remove authority away from the community towards a centralized, different form of authority,” Cioffi said.

The institute went on to state that stressing “human rights” and the battle against “inequality” are a way to quash resistance. “Advancing a concept of institutional trust, using an intersectional framework, reminds organizations that they have to build an evidence base around how well the system is actually benefiting people,” Turing continued.

But with globalism on the defensive following the coercive social regimens of the coronavirus pandemic, massive unchecked Third World migration into the nations of the West, and growing economic hardship afflicting the middle and lower classes, establishing trust will be no easy task. The towering shadow of Bill Gates doesn’t help.

Cattle Calls for Humans

“At the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly, high-level representatives from governments, civil society, the private sector, philanthropy, and international organizations agreed to scale up efforts to build safe, trusted, and inclusive digital public infrastructure for a more sustainable, equitable world,” the UN gushed in September 2022. “The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation committed US $200 million to expand global digital public infrastructure.”

Commenting on the enormous grant, the Gates Foundation frankly declared that global digital ID can be used to usher in internationalist governing goals. “This funding will help expand infrastructure that low- and middle-income countries can use to become more resilient to crises such as food shortages, public health threats, and climate change, as well as to aid in pandemic and economic recovery. This infrastructure encompasses tools such as interoperable payment systems, digital ID, data-sharing systems, and civil registry databases.”

There it is: food, health, banking, and global warming control apparatuses. How many modern Americans will cherish their digital branding for the social affirmation it will bring to them? For a great number, it won’t be, “I have to do this, sigh.” It’s going to be, “This is everything to me.”

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