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Biden Middle East Flubs Leave Heartlanders Scratching Their Heads

Flyover folks spent a week watching the traveling Joe Biden show.

by | Jul 16, 2022 | Articles, Opinion, Politics

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It was a week of suffering through endless news stories of the American president jetting around in Air Force One to the Middle East, begging for a few more barrels of oil here and there. Or Mr. Biden’s invisible man handshake and needing assistance from the Israeli president to find a chair after his remarks, in which he claimed all must “honor” the Holocaust. But the Free World leader also provided fodder for several Republicans making the political talk show circuit. So at least there was a rainbow glimmer at the end of the weekly Democrat-induced thunderstorm.

Invisible Middle East Friends Are Real

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President Joe Biden traveled to Israel a few days ago and was awarded the Medal of Honor from Israeli President Isaac Herzog. But first, the commander-in-chief, appearing jet-lagged on the tarmac, showed us that he had another blunder or two up his sleeve: He vowed to “bear witness” to the “honor of the Holocaust.” He corrected himself, changing “honor” to “horror,” but prompted this heartland Grandma, Dee Nonya, to respond: “But was it a mistake? First, this man is in serious cognitive decline, and shame on a) anyone that voted for this miscreant and b) those that continue to prop him up. Secondly, he is a buffoon allowing our great country to be driven to its knees.” Who knew you could fit buffoon and miscreant into the same passage?

Things went downhill from the tarmac. At the special Medal of Honor ceremony, Herzog thanked the president for his “uncompromising decades-long commitment to Israel security,” which probably caused a twisting of intestines throughout The Squad, but that might be off-point. Biden was doing rather well considering the earlier faux pas and said, “As you know, there’s still so much more work to be done. That’s why America’s commitment to Israel’s security remains ironclad, today and in the future.” Staffers were relieved: Until he concluded his remarks when he went to shake the hand of his invisible friend – who has accompanied the president a time or two – and then needed President Herzog to take him by the arm to a waiting chair to continue the discussion.

North of the quiet town of Chapman, KS, Sue Adam was slightly alarmed: “Oh, Dear God, he had to be led to his chair with help. When have you ever seen someone taking the arm of a President to guide him, so he didn’t fall?” Not since President Roosevelt, Sue.

Jeff Pounds, in Birmingham, AL, wondered how long Joe would be president, “Guess they will just let him keep going until he flips out and falls on the floor bumbling.” And Greg Medlin in the Show Me State thought this kind of invisible handshake was a Joe Biden characteristic: “I’ve never even heard of someone doing this, let alone see him do it and twice.”

Aw, c’mon, man.

Being Popular is Hard

On Fox News, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) visited Sean Hannity to talk about the current situation with the president – or just one situation not related to the Middle East trip, in fact: the man’s plummeting poll numbers. It appears Mr. Biden is more unpopular than an infectious disease. Kennedy argued that Biden had lost the people’s confidence and in his ability to make decisions for the good of the order. “I don’t consider myself an expert in too many things if any,” said Kennedy, “but I know how to read a poll. And a majority of Americans — to them, the president is about as popular as cholera, and the American people didn’t just reach this conclusion this morning.”

Cholera? The small intestine bacterial infection that causes watery diarrhea, and dehydration, with outward symptoms like shrunken eyes? That cholera? Good grief, that was harsh. But others agreed, including Debbie Nalley McLelland holed up in Oakwood, GA: “He ain’t wrong!” In Randall, IA, Che Gauerke commented on the lack of love as well, “The kid from Deliverance is more popular.” That stoked a few conspiracy theories. The banjo-playing kid from the movie Deliverance grew up to be Joe Biden, but all unfounded, of course, and from very far-fringed elements of the voting populace. The lamenting continued with Chuck Roberts in Missouri, who noted: “But at least cholera is treatable.”

But the best comment on the president came from Sen. Kennedy himself, “They think he’s kind of like an old Buick. You know, some days, he starts, and other days, he doesn’t.”

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