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Behind the Migrant Caravan Lawsuit – Exploitation and Deceit

As apparently desperate people flee their homeland and head toward the southern U.S. border, a few sturdy individuals have taken time out to launch a class action lawsuit against President Trump, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice for “unconstitutional” border security measures. It is not the migrants themselves who are the driving force here; the suit has been funded by a company that has been frequently accused of predatory business practices targeting illegal aliens, and that seeks to use the incoming people for its own gain.

Nexus Services Inc. fully funds a civil rights law firm called Nexus Derechos Humanos (Human Rights) Attorneys Inc. That firm filed the suit on behalf of 12 Honduran members of the migrant horde approaching the U.S., claiming due process violations as they attempt to seek asylum. But Nexus itself has been served with a lawsuit accusing the company of exploiting illegal immigrants for financial gain.

Fleecing Illegals

Nexus Services and a company under its umbrella called Libre by Nexus have faced repeated allegations of preying on illegal aliens desperate to bond out of federal detention. The company has found a profitable niche in serving as a middleman in arranging bond for these illegals, who many bail bonds agencies are reluctant to do business with due to the extraordinarily high risk that they will simply disappear and never show up for their detention hearings.

Because of this increased threat, bail agencies usually demand that illegals or anyone posting bond for them pay at least 80% up front, The New York Times reported in a 2017 article. “They’re more risky than a regular bail bond,” Antonio Roman, a bondsman in Camden, New Jersey, told the Times.

That’s where Nexus Services comes in. The company arranges for illegals to agree to wear a GPS tracking device and then works to arrange bond with agencies. The price for that GPS device is outrageously high, critics allege. The illegals, most of whom speak no English whatsoever, do not realize they are paying such high costs per month for the GPS rather than to pay down their bond debt.

[perfectpullquote align=”right” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”24″]And the illegals set themselves up to be exploited.[/perfectpullquote]

Virginia newspaper The News Leader reports the Verona, VA-based company has been hit with a class-action suit of its own by two Hondurans who say they were exploited.

The lawsuit states Libre by Nexus charges fees that can run up to as high as $9,000 in the first year and $13,000 in the second year, for a $10,000 bond. The suit also says Libre pays $3 per day for the GPS devices but charges clients $14 per day, or over $400 per month. The company charges a $4,000 fee to replace broken devices, even though the trackers only cost $450 themselves, the lawsuit claims. The plaintiffs accuse the company of targeting Spanish-speaking foreigners who don’t understand what they are doing when they sign contracts with Libre.

Similar claims have been made in other cases. For this reason, the company has become a target for progressive media outlets accusing it of taking advantage of desperate, vulnerable immigrants. The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, and Mother Jones are a few of the leftist outlets that have written critical articles about Libre.

Money Over Nation

If true, the accusations show once again that we have Americans supporting open borders in order to financially exploit the many illegal aliens who can enter our country. How is this any different from ruthless employers who hire a class of worker they can grossly underpay, overwork and show little regard for as human beings? This company has apparently found a highly profitable way to monetize people who steal their way into our country. It is disgusting to see Americans act this way but it is also is exactly what our Big Ag businesses, landscaping company owners and hotel owners have been doing for decades.

And the illegals set themselves up to be exploited. They cannot post a lower bond because the bail agencies know there is an incredibly likely chance these people, who showed no respect for the laws of our country when they jumped our border, will show their disrespect once again by ditching their detention hearings and fleeing to who-knows-where.

There is no honor among thieves, goes the old saying. It’s meant to be a warning to, well, not be a thief. Leaving morality aside and dealing with strictly practical matters, if you rob a bank and someone then robs you it’s pretty hard to cry to the police.

Don’t violate our immigration laws and you won’t be put in such a vulnerable situation. But as this lawsuit on behalf of the migrant caravan shows, there are despicable Americans who want our borders to remain wide open. It’s a moneymaker for them, and the nation at large be damned.

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