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Are Leftist Activists Behind Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes?

Following the deadly attack on the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, the left-wing media has revived the narrative of Jews across the country under attack by extreme right-wing groups and individuals inspired by president Donald Trump. There is no evidence to support such claims, however, and a man arrested on November 2 – suspected of vandalizing a Brooklyn synagogue – will receive little or no coverage in these same media outlets. Why? Because the suspect is a black, left-wing activist.

Whilst the existence of a small but vocal faction of white supremacists, masquerading as protectors of the “white race” and of Christianity cannot be denied, one only need to examine the words and actions of conservatives, compared to those of progressives, to divine the true anti-Semites. President Donald Trump, who the media attempts to portray as the evil mastermind behind a sinister, Hitlerian plot to rid the U.S. of non-whites, has no record of saying or doing anything that could be considered antisemitic. Indeed, his Jewish son-in-law and his daughter, who converted to Judaism, would probably be aware of such behavior.

Right or Left More Anti-Semitic?

The vast majority of conservatives are very vocal in their support of Israel and of the Jewish people, in general. On the other side, progressives rail constantly against the Jewish state with accusations of attempted genocide and all manner of other crimes against humanity. Progressives openly demonstrate sympathy and support for Islamists and even actual terror groups bent on the genocide of Jews. Democrat Al Sharpton is a known racist and anti-Semite who, in 1991, incited a violent attack on a New York Jewish community. Then, of course, there is Louis Farrakhan, a friend of the Clintons, the Obamas and many leading Democratic politicians, and also the most vocal and offensive anti-Semite in America.

When all facts, statements, and actions are taken into consideration, it becomes clear that the right has a minor anti-Semite problem and the left has an extremely big anti-Semite problem, though leftists do not, of course, view it as a problem at all.

Numerous media reports paint a picture of rising hate crimes in the United States. Many of these alleged incidents have targeted Jewish community groups and synagogues. Even a cursory examination of the incidents recorded, though, shows that most were non-violent and that the perpetrators remain unidentified. The majority of “attacks” on synagogues took the form of threatening phone calls or vandalism, so to pin all of these acts of hate on right-wing “extremists” – and it is worth noting that the left considers all right-wingers extremists – is simply dishonest. There is not a shred of evidence to disprove the possibility that left-wing extremists are behind at least some of these incidents, knowing that the media will blame their political foes.

Alleged Synagogue Vandal is Leftist

Case in point: 26-year-old James Polite, the suspect in the Brooklyn synagogue incident. When he was identified as the suspect, sharp observers made the connection to a 25-year-old James Polite, profiled last year in gushing terms by The New York Times. At this point, there can be almost no doubt that the young man venerated in the Times a year ago is, indeed, the suspect in the Brooklyn attack.

[perfectpullquote align=”right” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”24″]One has to rethink the real nature of many so-called ‘hate crimes’ occurring across the country. [/perfectpullquote]

Polite, who came from a broken home and certainly had a tough early life, became a social experiment, of sorts, for New York leftists. The beneficiary of several Democrats who, no doubt, wished to mold him into a specimen they could hold up to prove how wonderful they were, Polite quickly became a left-wing activist, Obama supporter, and an intern at New York’s City Hall. It was he who recently desecrated a synagogue with Hitler’s name and violent threats against Jews, according to a report in The Hill. He is also the suspect in at least one other recent arson attack against a synagogue in New York.

Following his arrest, Polite was, it seems, immediately deemed mentally unstable and placed in a hospital for psychiatric evaluation. Other than the disturbing political and social views he shares with other progressives, there is nothing in Polite’s known past that indicates he had any mental health issues.

Hasty Coverup Coming

The only real question that remains – assuming the New York Police Department has the right man – is Polite’s motive, which is clearly one of only two possibilities. Either Polite is genuinely driven by his hatred of Jews, as Farrakhan and Sharpton are, or he was put up to it. If the latter is true, then one has to rethink the real nature of many so-called “hate crimes” occurring across the country. There are already documented cases of such incidents being fabricated, and it is worth asking how many of them are attempts to bestow upon conservatives the mantle of bigotry and racism.

Whatever really motivated the Brooklyn synagogue vandal, it will be both embarrassing and highly damaging for the left if Polite turns out to be that individual. It is worth speculating that he may never again see the outside of that hospital, let alone the inside of a courtroom. Certainly, this is a crime that will never see the pages of The New York Times or be discussed on CNN. The left will want to bury Polite and his alleged act of vandalism as quickly and as quietly as possible.

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