Hillary Clinton and her allies in the Democrat party and the elite establishment media have provided a number of excuses for their repudiation by the voters last November 8.

First on the list is James Comey.  You know, the FBI Director who was vilified by the left for reopening the investigation into Hillary’s emails just eleven days before the election, but who is now—again—their new best friend because Trump made the decision to do what they demanded for months: fire him.

1A on the list is the “Trump-Russia” collusion myth.  Months of investigation by the FBI and two congressional committees have produced not one shred of evidence.

But then there are those emails from Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta and others in the campaign and the Democratic National Committee obtained by WikiLeaks and released on a slow drip in the last months of the campaign.  It was like Chinese water torture, as the Clinton campaign was left helpless in trying to explain away revelations ranging from the DNC conspiracy to fix the nomination process to embarrassing personal observations never meant to see the light of day.

In the midst of this, a DNC staffer named Seth Rich was murdered on July 10, 2016.  It happened after four o’clock in the morning near his home in one of Washington, DC’s most upscale neighborhoods, where such crimes are rare.  He was shot from behind, and none of his valuables were taken.

The question was asked—though of course not in the elite establishment media—whether this murder could have been connected to the WikiLeaks release.  Could Mr. Rich have been a source – perhaps THE source – for all those leaks?

There was a deafening silence from the DC Police Department about their investigation into the murder.   Conspiracy theories were dismissed as, well, conspiracy theories.  But on Tuesday, Fox News dropped a bombshell, reporting new information that appears to confirm what anyone paying attention might well have concluded ten months ago: that Mr. Rich had indeed leaked thousands of internal emails to WikiLeaks, according to law enforcement sources.

A federal investigator who reviewed an FBI forensic report — generated within 96 hours after DNC staffer Seth Rich’s murder — detailing the contents of Rich’s computer said he made contact with WikiLeaks through Gavin MacFadyen, a now-deceased American investigative reporter, documentary filmmaker, and director of WikiLeaks who was living in London at the time.

“I have seen and read the emails between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks,” the federal investigator told Fox News, confirming the MacFadyen connection. He said the emails are in possession of the FBI, while the stalled case is in the hands of the Washington Police Department.

The revelation is consistent with the findings of Rod Wheeler, a former DC homicide detective and Fox News contributor and whose private investigation firm was hired by Rich’s family to probe the case. Rich was shot from behind in the wee hours, but was not robbed.

“My investigation up to this point shows there was some degree of email exchange between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks,” Wheeler said. “I do believe that the answers to who murdered Seth Rich sits on his computer on a shelf at the DC police or FBI headquarters.”

The elite establishment media will likely dismiss or ignore this report and the many sure to follow, but Liberty Nation most certainly will not.  Perhaps the media will try to refute the report, but to do so, they will need to prove the information contained in it is false.

In the end, with Democrats/establishment media on a faux white horse attempting to seize the moral high ground by condemning the President on a daily basis with patently fake narratives, this story could prove to be most revealing about the actual content of their character.

After all, what exactly would you call people who would lead the country murdering those who are disloyal to them – and journalists who carry their water by ignoring the story?

Tim Donner

Washington Political Columnist at Liberty Nation
Tim is a radio talk show host, former candidate for the U.S. Senate, and longtime entrepreneur, Conservatarian policy advocate, and broadcast journalist. He is Founder and President of One Generation Away, LN’s parent organization.