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After President Trump’s address to the joint Congress, Twitter was awash with people who wanted to find fault with his tribute to a fallen Navy SEAL and his wife. One former Hillary and Obama volunteer named Dan Grilo decided to go a bit far. He tweeted the following to the world:

“Sorry, Owens’ wife,” Grilo wrote, “you’re not helping yourself or your husband’s memory by standing there and clapping like an idiot. Trump just used you.”

Grilo, under the weight of thousands of angry Twitter users offering something like ‘feedback’ to his remarks, apologized profusely. The apology was too little, too late, however, and Grilo locked down and then deleted his account entirely — but the story wasn’t over. Fox News explains:

Grilo’s LinkedIn page says he works as a principal for the Chicago-based Liberty Advisor Group. But as of Wednesday morning, Grilo’s profile page on the site had been deleted, and the company later confirmed that an employee had sent what they called “an offensive and inappropriate tweet” regarding the Gold Star family.

And that’s the moment when Dan Grilo learned that freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom of consequences.  Actress Debra Messing must have seen Grilo’s experience and taken a hint, since she attempted to walk back her own comment on Twitter calling the SEAL’s tribute “horrifying.”  The Twitter universe didn’t buy that either, and Messing’s little dance in the minefield ended up going about as expected. Twitchy has a long list of responses to Messing’s “apology.”

Speaking of consequences, the state of Oregon is reaping the ones that come from raising a generation of snowflakes who care more about “social justice” than they do being a productive member of society.  The Oregonian reports that a class on “Adulting 101” is being offered at a library in North Bend.  It’s geared toward millennials, and plans to teach them things like how to check the oil on a car (or buy one at all), how to balance a checkbook, and the ins and outs of living with a roommate. From the course description:

Can I make a grilled cheese sandwich with an iron? Can I get a job? Where do I begin? How do I manage my money? How do I shop for food?

We are willing to bet that if you asked them where the next protest will take place, or what the lyrics to the latest Beyonce song contain, any of the students would be able to answer quickly and correctly.

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