The manhunt for Steve Stephens is over; the man who killed an elderly man on the side of the street in Cleveland and then posted it to Facebook killed himself as police followed his vehicle in Erie, PA. reported that “Stephens died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound while driving a white Ford Fusion near Buffalo Road and Downing Avenue around 11:10 a.m., police said.”  Fox News said Pennsylvania State Police confirmed the suicide, and stated that law enforcement had spotted his vehicle and were following it when Stephens pulled over and shot himself “after a brief pursuit.”

Stephens’ victim, Robert Godwin Sr., had spent his final hours with family before being brutally killed by Stephens.  The killer apparently was upset about the ending of his relationship with his girlfriend and mounting financial issues.

The so-called Facebook Killer’s suicide ends a five-state manhunt with a $50,000 reward; Facebook also says it will review its video posting guidelines in the wake of the murder.

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Kit Perez

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